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Kristoffer Sandven

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Sunday, 22 December 2013 23:33

Position your subjects for better light

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Sometimes, it's really easy to improve how your images end up. This fall my daughter and a friend joined me on a hike in the woods. As we came to an old tree trunk, the girls sat down and I took a quick picture. I saw that the light in the woods that day was really warm and beautiful, and I wanted to capture the adventurers in this light. As I looked at the girls again, I saw that I could easily improve the light on them. The light on my daughter's face was really harsh, as she was hit by the sun coming through the leaves.

I asked the girls to move about 20 cms to their right. Now, the light was the same on both on them and I could take the final image you see in this article.

Simple tip, perhaps, but it goes to show that by taking a little bit of control of the situation you can improve the result a lot.

The below image shows before and after.